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Harry Potter~

Well, tonight is the HP 6 premeire. :D I have my ticket for 12:01 AM in theatre five. I'm so pumped!!

End of a short entry? I do believe so.


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Well, I'm posting from this iPhone app... It's pretty neat-o. Maybe I can pull more entries out of my butt with this? Let's hope so.

Reason's been going well. Work is pretty constant but, hey! It's job security. Band... The front ensemble is finally getting some productivity. But, we still don't have our official music for the opener.

Odyssey is going to be a freaking amazing show. Lol. Can't wait to piece it together.

Have a nice, rainy Independence day, everyone. I know I did! (Make sure you get in arguments with watermelons while you're at it.)

---- Mahlon

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Damn you, Nair.

I feel like I totally wasted $ 6.34 today. I was so hopeful for Nair: Shower Power for sensitive skin. So freaking hopeful.

Maybe it's because I have never used Nair before. Maybe. But, I followed all of the directions, and the stupid little sponge that came with it COULD NOT remove hair. I might as well just go back to using razors...

AND, it smelled horrid. It smelled like cow piss, baby piss, dehydrated piss, diabetic piss, smelly cat poo, and chicken stock. ALL IN ONE.

Maybe I can get it to work tomorrow... Hopefully. I really want it to work.   DDD: 

-  Mahlon